How To Create A Promo Video For Business On A Tight Budget

If you’re a business owner then you’ve obviously thought about creating a promo video for your business. However, if you’re like most business owners then you may have felt like that opportunity was out of your reach or expertise. However, it really isn’t. I’ve located an amazing tool that can help any business owner look like they spent a ton of money on their promo. Its easy to learn and you can literally build video for businessa video in minutes as it has AI technology.

To create a professional promo video for your business, use a high quality creation software like Vidnami. This software is an intelligent video creation platform with AI that can make you look like a pro. Simply enter a sentence into Vidnami’s platform and watch the magic begin.

The BIGGEST Problem With Video…

The biggest problem with creating videos has ALWAYS been the amount of time it takes to select all the individual clips for your video.

This process can take hours and it’s painful, frustrating work which means most business owners just give up.

But the all-new AI Engine in Vidnami is like having your own in-house video assistant that does all the hard work for you!

In a matter of seconds, the AI Engine analyzes your text, automatically creates the scenes, and intelligently selects video clips from their built-in library.

All you need to do is a quick review and your video is done!

So if you want to make 2021 the year you finally transform your business using the power of video, check out the all-new Vidnami and discover how quick and easy video marketing can really be!

This new AI Engine took 3 years to develop and now today its being unveiled!  This software just recently added an AI (artificial intelligence) engine within their video creation tool and today they’re launching a game-changing new Artificial Intelligence Engine to power your business promo videos.

This new AI technology has instantly transformed Vidnami into the smartest, quickest, and fastest video creation platform in the world!

And to celebrate this massive leap forward, they’ve slashed 40% OFF Vidnami AND they’re giving away their Video Marketing Bonus Pack for FREE!

Check out all that Vidnami has to offer by clicking here on the link.  

What are some of the most intimidating aspects of video creation that Vidnami can handle for you?

One of the best features of this software is the access to thousands of quality videos that you can freely use in your video promotions. The options are nearly endless and you’ll have the opportunity to create something special that can convert for your business.

The set up is that of a storyboard.  You can add text, video and voice overs to your storyboard and the final results are amazingly effective. Once the video is created you can share on Facebook, embed in your website or send it out in an email.  Heck you can use this new promo anywhere you need it.

You can brand your video by adding your logo and by selecting all the right colors.

So, give it a test drive today.  Check out Vidnami for yourself while the price is right.

Grow your business using the power of video!  Its never been more within your reach.

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