Just to be Clear, I Hate Debt!

I HATE DEBT.  Where I come from debt is just as inevitable as death and taxes. Don’t buy that lie! Start your escape plan today!

Hate is a strong word but it’s very applicable in this situation.  I truly hate debt and its crippling effect on people. However, my goal here is not to simply focus on a vain loathing of debt but instead to provide an avenue for hope, enlightenHeavy Burden of debtment, skill building, and encouragement to break out of the debt-ridden lifestyle.  In addition, we’ll challenge you to think outside the box on some issues and ways of thinking and will provide alternatives and paths to freedom. We’re here to help, period.

Debt-free living has become my passion and I want to help you. Recently, just for kicks, I looked up the word “debt” in some online thesauruses and it was amazing to me what I got out of it. If you look at some of the synonyms or related words for the word “debt” you get some interesting insight and even clarification on what debt truly is and how it affects people. Debt truly is … a liability, a burden, an albatross or baggage. It burdens you down. You know this is true. Have you ever paid off a large debt or fulfilled an obligation you owed and felt that great sense of relief as if a “weight was lighted off your shoulders”?

This topic reminds me of when I travel with my family. We’re hustling through the airport trying to get through security and get to the gate in time and who’s carrying all the bags… me of course. I don’t know about you but when I’m carrying several bags, a toddler and a drink and other travel gear, I just don’t move very fast as I’m burdened down with so much weight. I become easily fatigued because of all the stuff I’m carrying. Debt is the same way… it can burden one to the point of losing hope until they finally give up. Well, don’t give up hope but find freedom.

Take hope.

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